Another sports car with 2 seats.

Looks awesome. It will pick up to 100 KMPH in less than 5 sec, do you believe that?

Well i've seen that happening.

Do you want to buy this car. Just for 2, i wanted to buy one with blue color. Will buy if i'm here by the next yr.

BTW you are looking this car from out side the showroom.

And to mind you, taking pics in side any showroom is prohibited.

Do you want to buy just the boat? (or) Any other accessories? Every thing is available in this show room while you are busy in watching them, some one will buy that.

Boat for sale... do you want to buy, you can walk into any of the showrooms at dubai and buy them just like a car. The procedure is, just fill in some papers, sign it on them, and tell them which creek point and when... that's it, your boat is on waters just as and when you want...

Will buy one, if i'm here for a long time

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