Luck - Joke

Recently, I've read a joke about Luck and interview. The story says that it is published in Readers Digest magazine, not sure how far is that true. But some how, it made me to post here... and also i feel that it has a point.


Situation: With a pile of 300 resumes on a desk, as well as a necessity to recruit few among them quick.

Boss: Pick up the 50 resumes beneath the pile and make arrangements for quick interview

Interview Panel: What shall we do with the rest of 250 resumes

Boss: Dump them in dust bin

IP: Throw away 250 resumes ???!!!##$$$%%^&*@@## ...

Boss: Do it with out much of time waste

IP: We are shocked to listen such response. What if the best candidates are there ??

Boss: You have a point ..




Boss: But then again, I don't need the people with bad luck


I don't know how to interpret this joke... but just as a joke.. don't take any morel from this story, except fun

Car - Sar Dar

Sardar: What is the name of your car ?

Lady: I forgot the name ... but , it starts with "T"

Sardar: Oye !!!! Kamaal ki Ghaadi hai... 'Tea' se start ho ta hey...  hamara ghaadi to PERTROL se start ho ta hey...