My First Impression on

Today, while reading some s, got to know about ShopCorn. It is a general tendency that to see what is that and how different it is from others. My first impression is that, this is an online place to buy / sell PopCorn. And that impression become wrong, this is an other online shopping portal developed using .NET. And this application also takes support from cross technologies like PHP and Java

The theme of the site is more like any other hosted application. This portal designed in much better style when compared with the other competitors in the current market.

What’s Bad

1) But their real-estate plan is worse.

2) Visitor is expected to scroll down to see what’s there in the whole home page

3) 2 live chat links… unnecessary

What can be improved

1) The visitor is given attention on the 3 big boxes. Infact, they can be reduced

2) the model’s image can be adjusted to half of what it is currently

3) The top menu and the submenu size can be little larger

4) They can rearrange many things such that the user is not given chance to scroll down for what all available

5) “Attractive Deals & Community” tag line can go into the center of the header of the home page

Many more, that’s enough for the first impression. More follow