4 New Tools on a single day

After a long time, I've installed 4 new tools on a single day. By this, you can understand how free am on that day. Am free not just because of lack of work, but due to lack of concentration on work. I don't know how this happened, but when i look back, i realise that last Friday is my worst day at office. The list of the new tools as mentioned below.

1) Spice Bird : Spicebird is your one platform for many collaboration needs. It provides e-mail, calendaring and instant messaging with intuitive integration and unlimited extensibility.

What made me to install this tool is about the time widget.

2) Rocker : Rocker is a mouse navigation tool that lets you perform common tasks, like moving forward and backward in your browser, by simply rocking your fingers across your left and right mouse buttons.

I didn't really find the purpose of this tool. Though it talks about lots of things, none of any that i experienced. Am a dissatisfied customer for them.

3) Xobni: Xobni Insight is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that offers effortless email management and provides instant access to the most important information in your email.

Apart of all the other tools, i found this as more interesting. This has some good features such as .. converting mails as Conversation, list of people those are in-connection with the source mailer and between, .. list goes on .. I recommend this to give a try.

4) MindMapper: Mind map is simply a visualization tool which helps you think and learn more proficiently. A mind map is a graphic diagram used to represent your thoughts and ideas, tasks, or other items linked to a central key idea or theme.

But I uninstalled this today.

Did you try any of these ?? let me know if you find any interesting tool.