My Profile at MSDN


This is my profile at MSDN. On this day i have about 391 points and posted about 127 posts and had a successful answers count as 23.

I need to improve this. Am currently working on Commerce Server and replying the posts at Commerce Server forms.

Steps to improve is to participate in the user forms as well as write articles on my blog about each subject and my learning about Commerce Server from this project implementation.

What do i get out of this, ……!!!!

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All i have is no response.

MSN mailbox size is 500 GB

Don’t think that this is a false or fake news. I usually configure my outlook with my msn account. To my surprise when I've seen the server status of my MSN account, am surprised to learn that MSN is allocating 500 GB space for each mail account. You don’t believe me!! Here is the proof. See the below image, still you don’t believe that I’ve a valid point and you trust that the image is morphed by me.. ha ha ha.. then come and meet me personally, I’ll show you from my laptop.


Apart of all, how it would be, if i recommend you to configure your MSN account with your local outlook!!! Sounds great right!! Then you don’t have to suspect me, you can witness yourself. Try it ..

SVN Repository Migration

Our current employer decided to have the code base as VisualSVN. So we stated a demo server and then after successful trail started a staging server for our project. For the entire March month it worked well, and we decided to have another VisualSVN server as production.  During the last week we have decided to migrate our staging SVN source to production box, but now the problem is about history or revision of the full one month.

After binging and googling, I’ve found many alternatives. Most of all, I’ve realized one simple solution and migrated the entire code base from staging to production as simple as cake biting.

Problem :

Source SVN is at and the repositories are installed at D:\

Target SVN is at and the repositories are installed at E:\


Step 1:

Copy all the project folders from 5.68\d$\repository\<<projectRepositories>> to 112.63\e$\repository\

Step 2:

Copy the auth files from 5.68 to 112.63, this would copy all the users along with their project groups

Step 3:

Go to the client side and just relocate your SVN url by right clicking on the folder and point to “SVN=>Relocate”

That’s is done.. did you try?

iPad .. is it fantasy !! or market strategy!!

Mac recently reported that they had a reported on their website as they have sold over 300,00 iPads on the first day. That’s a good news to read from both the sides, ie., from internal Mac as well as from out side as consumers that this product is being liked by such huge number on the first day. By now, the number might have been reached to 4.2 million or it might reach in the near future.

The internal sources say that they would sell about 5.6m by this year and reach 7.1m on world wide. Not just so, according to this link they are also predicting it to triple by 2012. Is this a hype or just the business!!

On a flip side, there are many limitations on this product such as the temperature. It needs to be cooled before you use it when the inherent temp crosses certain limits. Not just this, it can’t be used under the bare sun due to the natural temperature, don’t believe me.. just read this. Yes, of course, that the iPad is coming with the GPS feature, which would add a value for the USA vehicles to track the road and help the driver with the road map. But what happens when it is heated much due to the external factors!!??

Apart of all these, I see this as a marketing push of a product to the daily life and make some trade. Once the trade is complete the manufactures can release few number of service packs or few free service supports. Nothing but the business plan as implemented by Microsoft.

What do you think?