Digital Marketing - the new face of business

Behavior tracking on the digital world will unveil many interesting facts about the business and the consumers. As on Jan of 2016, about 2.4 million searches happened on google, $203,596 is in sales by amazon, about 347,222 tweets at twitter and about 20.8 million messages at WhatsApp. With such huge amounts of digital foot print by online communities, it is not yet capitalized the power of digital market at such vibrant sources. The value proposition from these communities is very huge as the data is unstructured and having a clear definition in translating the strategy of the digital marketing towards B2B or B2C is a captivating goal for any business to thrive in this digital world. Digital transformation is not just having a marketing strategy, but, driving the customer experience with a new level of influence of the digital content tactic techniques as well as the usage.

I wanted to study the organization behavior and the processes involved in the successful as well as failed organizations to understand the impact of the digital marketing. The decision making processes within these companies will yield lot of knowledge and the same can be used as investment for human aspects of various other businesses. The inter-organization communication channels and the data exchange standards will guide the new businesses to optimize their revenue model with a collaborative model.  Augmented reality is something that is getting popular in the current trend with the gadgets like HoloLens from Microsoft. Visual intelligence ads a lot of value proposition to the brand in the market. Adding a virtual tour has been a great asset within the real estate business. At the same time having a panoramic virtual tour gives the consumers a firsthand experience of the products that they are interested to purchase.

Mobile industry is another contribution for the digital marketing platform. According to IAMAI, within India, it is estimated that about 462 million users are using internet by Feb 2016 and about 371 million users are connected to the network through mobile phones. About 71% of this 371 million mobile internet users belong to urban area. Mobile phones are now becoming smart phones and are becoming a necessity for every human on the plant. The Chinese smart phone manufactures are lowering the average selling price (ASP), thus, many first-time mobile phone users are willing to invest on these smart phones.

It is always mistaken by many individuals towards digital marketing is all about digital content creation to attract unique visitors to the business, but, it is time to highlight that digital marketing is also about digital video that is streaming on the network, music that is purchased over the connected channels, games that are played with and without virtual reality. It is estimated that by end of 2016, Android is planning to ship an operating system with VR capability.

HTC started manufacturing VR gadgets as VIVE. Huawei introduced a VR headset with 3600 view and the surround sound. According to Oculus website, Rift is the first consumer VR headset and is capable of many-a-things. Virtual reality gives a great flexibility to add all 3 dimensions with the help of latest technology as well as the hardware expansion.

The virtual reality contribution in marketing the products is not yet capitalized by industries. However, the B2C market is seeing the need in the gaming industry for such production and aiming devices with a specific needs. Thus, the market witnesses few leading manufacturers are investing their research with these gadgets and releasing their beta products for the consumer’s response. Many eCommerce companies are building their products such that their application is suitable for multi-channel propagation. Yet, they could achieve their yield from, mostly through, websites. Hence, it is the visionary’s responsibility to think innovatively and prepare plans for diversified penetration of the business.

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