iPhone iOS 4.2.1 firmware download details

Recently, you might have seen a post about my iPhone upgrade and the difficulties. I forgot to give the link for the firmware iOS 4.2.1 download. For the first time, I’ve upgraded my version using my iTunes and did all tricks to jailbreak & unlocking. All the efforts ended in vain.

Finally, from this link I’ve downloaded the firmware and rest is you know from the previous post.

iPhone 4.2.1 Jailbreak and Unlock

During the last week, incidentally I’ve updated my iPhone's OS from v4.0 to v4.2.1 and that led to the problem. I couldn’t use my iPhone with the BSNL sim, due to the latest version and there is no wifi for me.

I’ve really faced a terrific situation without my BSNL sim and the contacts in my iPhone. I’ve regretted for updating my OS. Then I tried to roll back in many ways, but all the efforts ended in vain.

Finally, from this link I got the information about how to jail break and by the time am writing this post, my phone is getting ready to reboot.

To make any iPhone be usable with other network providers, it has to be first jail broken and secondly unlocked. I’ve used the redsn0w tool to jail break my iPhone and ultrasn0w to unlock. Just for the record, my iphone is of 3G with iOS 4.2.1 installed having 8GB memory space.

In most of the cases, the entire process is completed without placing the SIM card in the respective placeholder. And when once it is complete, the network would automatically be found and recognized. But my iPhone didn’t find the BSNL network. It infinitely in the state of “Searching ..”

I then realized that the problem can be resolved by resetting the network settings. Am going to try that, mean while I let the iPhone to sync with my data. Am writing this post while the sync is in process. Let me say yahooo as soon I reset my network settings and back on track with BSNL network.

I’m dead with another problem for about a week. Now the problem is about identifying the network and loading the network list. I could able to jailbreak my iphone with the help of previously mentioned exercise, but I couldn’t able to unlock, such that I can use the iphone with other service providers. The problem is about the firmware and it’s version 5.15. This version has not been unlocked.

After doing many trail and errors, I’ve finally found another solution and that made my iphone to identify the network list. The key behind this is downloading the baseband version 6.15, which is used for iPads. Finally to Finally.. my iPhone is back in track and is working with BSNL.. Now the base band version on my iPhone is 6.15

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee… it is time to celebrate

What is .NET

Today, one of my fellow employee asked me this question and he also defining .NET as “Network Enabled Technology”.. Am really surprised by the definition and the creative abbreviations that people are giving to .NET

Infact, I too don’t know what is .NET, even after working with this since the alpha version onwards..

Has any one aware of what is .NET?

iPhone Bug

For the first time I’ve seen some thing weird in iPhone. For the past few days, am struggling with my iPhone. Am going to write about that some time later, but for now it is about the bug. What is wrong in the below image?


There are few things that made my eyebrows raise

1) My iPhone is about 8GB size, but now it shows 13.6 GB..

2) There is no iPhone with 13.6GB, all I heard is either 8GB or 16 GB

3) I had about 1GB of music placed in my iPhone, but surprised to see the memory used and the free memory

After some time, I see the following image. Strange with 10.2 GB space