FireFox 5 beta release

Usually to the extent possible, I update to what ever is the latest. Browsers is one option that is possible and is in my reach. IE is my primary browser, irrespective of many crashes or less features when compared with other browsers. I don’t use multiple browsers, but use FireFox just for the sake of testing any web page in multiple browsers. I also use FireFox for couple more reasons, that any latest feature that is in thought process of the community, it is first visible in FF.

Recently, FireFox has released a new version of 5. I remember that there has been a party within Hyderabad for the FF version 3.o and after that there is a news about FF 4.0 beta. I’ve updated my FF to version 4, surprisingly today there is another version 5 which is currently at beta stage is ready to download and install. It is really shocking for me that when is the non-beta version 4 is released? What made the FF team to release a newer version as 5? What new features are included in 5?

A lot many questions are revolving around, but it doesn’t stop me in upgrading to 5. Will write more after the 5 installed. As a matter of fact, I have written this post on 5/25 but I don’t know how it is missed my attention. I didn’t post this until this day. Surprisingly, this post caught my attention when am deleting the old drafts.

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